PSI New Individual Membership

For group instead of individual memberships, click on the "Company User?" button above. 
If you are already a member, please renew through the portal.

Feel free to email membership questions to:

If you are a parent seeking help, you do not need to become a member. Our parent/family support services are free. Visit our Get Help page for more information.

Your receipt email will have a link for you to create a login/password so that you can access your member benefits.
Be sure to click on "Submit" on this screen, and "Continue" on the next screen, to reach the payment section. 

Membership level descriptions (all levels receive same benefits):

  • Professional Provider - psychiatrists, counselors, midwives, nurses, family doctors, and other providers
  • Community Champion - for volunteer facilitators of free support groups, doulas, getting started in field, or other providers to self-select based on financial reach
  • Friend of PSI - for those happy to support PSI’s mission but are not a current provider (will not be sent provider-focused communications)
  • Student - can be part-time or full-time

PSI Volunteers on long-term assignments at the national/international level (such as PSI Support Coordinators, PSI HelpLine volunteers, and Climb Team leaders) are eligible for free membership if you choose, using the discount code VOL2024 for 1- or 2-year individual membership (do not pick the auto-renew option with discount codes). Visit our volunteer page for opportunities.

International: If your country’s income levels make membership out of reach, you may use the discount code INTL-35 for 35% off (do not select auto-renew with discount codes).