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Having suffered from anxiety and depression on and off before I had kids, I was well aware of post partum depression. When I became pregnant the first time, I socialized my fear of PPD with my husband and my drs. and we were ready, prepared for whatever came. I delivered my son and not a symptom in site. We were both happy and healthy and my fear dissipated. Then I gave my birth to my daughter and post partum depression swallowed me whole. I once described it as floating in a Vaseline jar. I knew there was life outside of the jar and I fought to get all of the goop out of the way so I could see through to the outside. With the help of an amazing therapist and Lexapro, I survived. Because of the stigma, it took me far too long to acknowledge that I needed meds. I am so grateful to all of my people who helped me through that time and that my baby girl is thriving. I know we could have had a very different ending.  

ABOUT Climb Out of the Darkness 2019

Postpartum Support International's Climb Out of the Darkness is the world's largest event for raising awareness of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, while raising money and building community.

You are not alone. You are not to blame. With help, you will be well.
If you or someone you know is suffering, PSI can help: Call 1.800.994.4773 or Text 503.894.9453

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